VSE Aviation Singapore PTE LTD is an aviation parts distributor to the Asia Pacific market. Based in Singapore, the location is ideally suited for rapid dispersal of parts throughout the region. Serving both commercial airline and general aviation markets with Honeywell and BendixKing parts, VSE Aviation Singapore provides 24 hour service, every day of the year. VSE Aviation Singapore PTE LTD is a subsidiary of VSE Aviation a global supplier of turbine engine repair and overhaul, component repair and overhaul, turbine engine sales and parts supply, and supply chain management.


VSE Aviation, Inc. is a family of companies specializing in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services and parts supply for corporate, regional and airline aircraft. Services focus on turbine engines, engine components and accessories, and avionics and electronics. Affiliated member companies include: 1st Choice Aerospace, CT Aerospace LLC, Kansas Aviation LLC, VSE Aviation GmbH, VSE Aviation Singapore PTE LTD.



Established in 1959, VSE Corporation (NASDAQ: VSEC) is a diversified products and services company providing logistics solutions with integrity, agility, and value. VSE is dedicated to making our federal and commercial clients successful by delivering innovative solutions for vehicle, ship, and aircraft sustainment, supply chain management, platform modernization, mission enhancement, program management, and providing energy, IT, and consulting services.

VSE conducts business operations through our Federal Services Group and our wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Wheeler Bros., Inc., VSE Aviation, Inc., Akimeka LLC and Energetics Incorporated.

For additional information regarding VSE services and products, please see the Company’s web site at www.vsecorp.com or contact Christine Kaineg, VSE Investor Relations, at (703) 329-3263.